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African Sumac - Rhus lancea

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African Sumac is a softer wood that is a pink color when freshly cut but turns a beautiful red color when left in the sun. African Sumac can reach up to 26 feet in height with a 16.5 foot spread. It has a graceful, weeping form and dark, fissured bark that contrasts well with its long, thinnish, hairless, dark-green, trifoliate leaves with smooth margins. It bears small yellow flowers followed on female trees by bunches of small yellow-green flattish fruits

African Sumac (Rhus Lancea) Bark

African Sumac (Rhus Lancea) Leaves

African Sumac (Rhus Lancea) Flowers

Working Properties

African Sumac is a softer closed grain wood that cuts well and polishes to a beautiful shine. It is moderately prone to both cracking and warping. It can sometimes crack from the bark/sapwood inward either while in log form or as a roughed out turning. I would recomend cutting logs up into blanks very quickly and sealing them. I find usually leaving it in the sun two days will let it develop a beautiful red coloring.



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